RCC expects Doubling China-Europe Transit

As Director General of Russian Container Company JSC Ivan Grishagin told in an interview with Sputnik, transport workers expect to double the volume of transit traffic from China to Europe in 2020.

“In 2020, our transit freight traffic will double. As the number of units of rolling stock. Particular attention will be paid to the purchase of 40-foot containers. ”

According to Ivan Grishagin, the main condition for the growth of China-Europe transit is the modernization of the railway. First of all, this applies to Mongolia, where there is only one one-way road, on which up to 8 trains can travel simultaneously. This leads to traffic jams. New roads must be built in Mongolia. ”

The development of transit is also facilitated by the introduction of new technologies. In particular, electronic cargo sealing. As Grishagin noted, “this technology is very good: it ensures the safety of goods and the high speed of their transportation.”

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