RСС will take part in Transport Week

From November 16 to 21, Transport Week in Moscow will be held in Russia. RCC is participating in the event.

Transport Week is an annual business event held in accordance with an order of the Government of the Russian Federation and including a series of national and international events on transport issues. For thirteen years, it has been carried out by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation with the organizational support of Business Dialogue, to openly discuss the most pressing transport issues and strengthen mutual understanding between government officials and the business community.

Transport Week is a set of events that includes: Forum, Exhibition, Spartakiad, Festival, Meeting, Prize and much more.

Among the issues on the agenda are the revision of material, financial and human resources, the creation of optimal conditions for large transport and infrastructure projects, gaining a winning place in global global competition, the investment attractiveness of the transport industry, as well as transport education and the future of specialists from transport universities.

Ivan Grishagin, CEO of RCC, will be a guest speaker at the round table “International transport corridors – goals, principles, cooperation” (November 19, 15.30-17.30, conference hall No. 3) of the IX International Congress “ERA-GLONASS”, which is a part the Transport Week business program.


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