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RCC expects Doubling China-Europe Transit

12 Nov 2019

As Director General of Russian Container Company JSC Ivan Grishagin told in an interview with Sputnik, transport workers expect to double the volume of transit traffic from China to Europe in 2020.


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Shippers, carriers brace for new Russian port fee

13 Jun 2019

The Russian government said the new fee at ports like St. Petersburg (above) should raise $100 million to $150 million each year for port infrastructure funding.


Industry News

How to make railway route competitive

8 May 2019

What Japanese and Koreans pay attention to in multimodal transportation and under what conditions Russia will be able to “pump” transit from China to Europe – the participants of the discussion session “Multimodal container transportation in modern logistics” at the TransRussia congress in Moscow were looking for answers to these questions.

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Over the past week, the Shanghai Container Freight Index fell by 9.79 points

15 Apr 2019

The Shanghai container freight index as of 04/12/2019 amounted to 782.46 points. Compared with the previous session, the index fell by 9.79 points.

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Leningrad region has challenged the Suez Canal

11 Apr 2019

The authorities of the Leningrad Region are planning to send transit cargoes through Primorsk, which are transported from Asia to Europe. Officials call the project bold, but, according to experts, it is not economically justified.

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