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April 15-17, RСС participates in TransRussia 2019

11 Apr 2019

The international exhibition TransRussia is the largest exhibition of transport and logistics services and technologies in Russia.


Will the volume of grain transportation without government subsidies change?

10 Apr 2019

Andrei Sizov, director of the analytical center “Sovekon”:
– Government subsidies have a very limited impact on the transportation of grain, by and large they are invisible. Далее

Volatility in freight traffic between Asia and Europe signals a slowdown in trade

8 Apr 2019

Carriers and analysts expect that with the delivery of super large container ships, capacity growth in Asia and Europe will exceed demand in 2019.


Industry News

Who earned at the opening of the eastern gate of the new Silk Road

1 Apr 2019

The first corridor of the new Silk Road through the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union begins at the Khorgos checkpoint on the border of Kazakhstan and China.

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Hundreds of millions of rubles on the road for the new Silk Road

31 Mar 2019

Alexander Ryazanov’s company spent hundreds of millions of rubles on the road for the new Silk Road.

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Chinese tricks: why Russia can not get access to $ 1 trillion

30 Mar 2019

China is ready to spend $ 1 trillion on the transport corridors of the new Silk Road. Who will get this money?

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